Yoga & 4 elemets retreat 

4 - 7 October 2018

With Maria Terra & Filipa Veiga 
Casa Shanti 

It will be the 4th YOGA SUMMER RETREAT in the beautiful Casa Shanti!! Because of the number 4 we will honor the numerology and have a 4 element retreat. And we grow co-creating a even more magical time for growing the consciousness.

We feel blessed with this wonderful opportunity and invite you to join us for a yoga and healing learning holiday in a hidden paradise in Portugal full of magic and beauty!

Morning Ashtanga Yoga Session
Free time
Afternoon workshops 
Yoga/Ayurveda/Cooking Session/ 4 element dance/ Cacao Ceremony 
Sound healing
Evening surprise

if you wish to deepen your yoga asana practice 
if you wish to deepen your yogic life-style 
include Ayurveda in your daily routine
learn to cook and eat according to the natural rhythms
to feel inspired with the elements and enjoy dance 
and practice time for yourself with beautiful people

Eduardo Buzaglo and Carolina Mantero are the leaders of this project of harmony and tuning with oneself. Casa Shanti gathers their living experience during several decades of traveling and learning. In Portugal they build a home for culture and retreat where they share fundamental ancient techniques for the development and alignment of the Human Being in the New World. 
Located at Penedo de Lexim, Casa Shanti is a perfect place to tune inside as well as a place of knowledge, history and soul. 

All the specified in the retreat program 
Delicious yogic food
Boutique accommodation at Casa Shanti
485€ (deposit 200€)
limited space available 

WhatsApp: +351 935663040 

The Team:

Maria Terra- Yoga

Terra graduated in Europe in Communication and since the first year of university she has started working in big companies in Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Brazil and Mexico, learning how to communicate and transform consciousness in the relationship area, events production and communication.

Slowly she got more interested in nature and the therapeutic path.

Afterwards Terra went to Amazon and studied with indigenous elders, native healings, earth medicines, plants and flowers of Amazon forest.

Terra travelled three times to India, inspired by great teachers and studied deep the art of yoga, meditation, stillness and well being.

She has participated in two Yoga teacher trainings with amazing teachers and also attended to different Yoga retreats, workshops and classes.

More info:

Pedro Collares – SOUND

Sound Therapist and Music Producer, Pedro has being studying for more than 10 years different ways of using sound and music as a healing tool.

The search for a deeper approach on music brought him to specialize in different therapeutic sounds such as: Hang, Didgeridoo, Gong, Tibetan and Quartz Singing Bowls, Monochord and Overtone singing.

In India studied Hatha Yoga, meditation, Yoga therapy, and the art of Mantra singing

more info:

Vera Balsemão – Art Experiences

Passionate about creating, painting, singing, playing the guitar. Over the past ten years she has been learning and working in different projects about anthroposophy and Waldorf education where she found her guidelines.

Mother of three and founder of the first Waldorf school in Portugal, Vera belonged to it’s head board for eight years. On the present moment she is still following her beloved antroposophic art therapy. Through this training, apart from the on going colour study, the pathologies and social art are also part of the program while using different thecniques (watercolour, natural pigments, drawing and clay sculptures).

At this retreat, she will provide:

Colour experiences. Approach about the impact tonalities have on our inner self. Study about what colours are most familiar to us and how do they act on our well-being. Colours are packed with strength, feelings, forms, memories… On a subtle way, we will open our channel and let go, blocking out any inner density.

Let yourself surrender to the wonders

of the colour world.